7 Daize "The Rhyme Scheme" Album

7 Daize "The Rhyme Scheme" Album
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7 Daize "Since 1983" Album

7 Daize "Since 1983" Album
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"Skyscrapers" 7 Daize

7 Daize "Photoshop Fly"-Video

7 Daize "Drive By" -Video

Who is 7 Daize?

Bay Area, California, United States
The way this group met was so cliche-ishly hip hop. Gyrl Ab'Strakt had been producing, and recording her album, while Ramon Price aka DJ Cleve had been producing, DJ’ing and working with The Sly Show. They met at the Guitar Center store in El Cerrito California. Gyrl Ab' was browsing for a new keyboard and Ramon Price was there working in the Pro-Audio section of the store .They got to talking about hip hop and the next day they were in Oakland at the Fairview Mansion (DJ Cleve’s Studio) recording their first song called Two Occasionz. After that they came to the realization that they should work on an album. Working on an album magically turned into them becoming a group. The chemistry was so unbelievable that everything came together. "We need a group name," they said. "Hmm, it's gotta’ be something that represents the both of us…" "Hey aren't our birthdays like ten days apart?" "Yea let's work with that..." Being that 7 is a complete and spiritual number, and both of their birthdays are in the month of July they came up with 7 Daize and the rest was history! This group has two albums, an EP entitled Mr. and Ms. Pakman (available on iTunes) and their recent release called The Rhyme Scheme (available upon email request: 7daize@gmail.com). They are currently working on their third album which should be out next year 2010. This male female hip-hop duo takes pride in being themselves, in a world full of carbon copies. They feel that there is definitely a way to say something significant in hip-hop, but yet still make it fun and something you can groove to. This group has achieved the impossible feat of dabbling in the past while still remaining current. With songs such as Photoshop Fly, Careless What You Gonna’ Do, and Drive By, their funky eclectic sound reminds you that hip-hop is still an art form. Their music transcends the listener back to the golden era of hip-hop; the early to mid nineties, while still remaining fresh and new. Their “back and forth” rhyming style is definitely reminiscent of such a time. High energy, originality and creativity are just a few words to describe 7 Daize.
~Written by: Sheba Tamakloe

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7 Daize- New Years Eve Performance Pt. 1 of 3

7 Daize- New Years Eve Performance Part 2 of 3

7 Daize- New Years Eve Performance Part 3 of 3

7 Daize "Photoshop Fly"-Performance @ Harlow's, Sac. CA June 2009

7 Daize- "Careless"-Performance @ BYOA April 2008

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hello Everybody!!! Recording live from somewhere....

Waddup Tho??
Welcome to our blog! We hope you enjoy your stay! Kick your feet up, relax and enjoy some real hip hop!! We'd love to hear from you. If you have any questions or comments feel free to contact us at: clevelandtaylor63@yahoo.com or shebatamakloe@yahoo.com

Peace In!
7 Daize
(Gyrl Ab'Strakt & Ramon Price)